Irie Junctions

Roots | Dub | Reggae

A charismatic reggae band since day one, Irie Junctions has been performing in sync as if they’ve been together their entire musical careers. Composed of Coachella Valley locals, Ramon Serrano – lead vocalist and songwriter, Danny Cedeno – bassist and producer, and Saul Ibarra – drummer and backup vocalist. 

As individuals, they’re known as inspirational musicians, producers, and highly skilled performers. As a whole, they're creating uplifting music for the soul, by spreading the healing powers of the most high through conscious reggae.

We hope people can be saved through music, learn to appreciate life while taking better care of their mind, body and spirit – their temple.
— Ramon Serrano (lead vocalist and songwriter).

feel good music

Roots | Dub | Reggae

Irie Junctions has earned its reputation as a talented band by staying true to themselves and producing an impressive stage presence. They have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life with a blend of roots reggae, gospel, dub, dancehall, and lovers rock.

Dedicated to elevating the spirit, their music has the ability to break down egos, embrace all freedoms, and unite people from different cultures.

Motivational lyrics with a unique blend of sounds is what sets them apart from other bands, and is a reminder of humanity's unbreakable bond – a one love mentality.

A couple of their most popular songs include, “Armageddon” and “Let’s Love” and can be heard through Soundcloud. Irie Junctions is meticulously piecing together their debut album and plan on releasing it in 2018.


Soundcloud: irie-junctions

Facebook: iriejunctionsmusic

Instagram: iriejunctions

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